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Welcome to Revolutionary Concepts

An award-winning studio working with some of the worlds most creative artists, designers, programmers and musicians, our goal is to create new and exciting experiences for todays (and tomorrows) mobile device users. Whether it's dreaming up the next exciting chart-topping videogame, or a revolutionary medical application to enhance the lives of children with special needs, or something in-between, we're always pushing the boundaries of what is possible and working to change the world in our own small way, one app at a time!

Please check-out some of our best-selling apps below, (or our NEW Pinterest Gallery ) and check back regularly as we work toward releasing our latest titles for 2014.

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We're Hiring: Developers, Gameplay Gurus, Designers, Coders and more (full-time or flexible contract). Check it out and don't hesitate to get in touch: Click Here for More Info
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Moon Control

COMING SOON for iPhone,iPod,iPad.
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In this multi-award winning game you help an unassuming little Pig with allergies on his quest to rid his village of invading monsters, using only his wits and his err tasty boogers?!

Gesundheit! is an adventure puzzle game unlike anything you have ever experienced and is guaranteed to delight players of all ages!

Apple "App of The Week" -January 2013
The IGN Puzzle Game of The Year 2011
IGN Runner-Up iPhone Game of The Year
Apple (Europe) Runner-Up iPad Game of The Year
Reviews on The Run Puzzle GOTY
International Animation Society Award Nominee
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Flick Music

Scroll through a fullscreen mosaic of all your album covers, tap on any album to start listening, swipe anywhere to skip tracks, flip over the album for recommendations, find new album art, and even preview or buy new tracks from iTunes® with a single tap. Flick Music puts your entire music collection at your fingertips.

NEW for iPhone,iPod,iPad.
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UFO on Tape

What would you do if you were driving and a real UFO descended from the clouds? Run screaming? Or grab your trusty iPhone and give chase!?

UFO on Tape puts you in the hotseat as you speed through the countryside in hot pursuit of visitors from outer space.

One of the most critically acclaimed games on iOS, featured by Apple TEN times, including in the very exclusive 'Games Starter Kit', and recipient of IGN's Editors Choice Award and nominee for Best Game of 2010.
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Video Stream

As wonderful as the iPhone and iPad are for watching movies on it is fair to say the fact that iOS ONLY plays iTunes compatible video formats kind of limits the variety of movies and tv shows you can watch.

That is unless you have a copy of 'VideoStream'. Our beautiful media centre app will detect almost any format videos on your Mac or PC and stream them over WiFi to your iOS device. No downloading, no conversion, just choose a movie and you are enjoying it in HD anytime anywhere!

Alternatively if you have an old iPod/iPhone lying around it can act as an AppleTV replacement, allowing you to stream content to your HDTV. Easily the best HomeTheatre app on iTunes!
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Picture Safe ( and Video Safe ).

The No#16 Best-Selling Utility of All-Time!
3 straight YEARS in the Top 50 US Apps.

Hides Photos, includes a decoy area, advanced security alert features, WiFi Import/Export, USB Transfer and much much more!

Picture Safe provides a much needed way to organise, PASSWORD PROTECT, and back-up your photos. No need to worry about people stumbling across your private pictures anymore!

Over 1 Million Users worldwide!

NEW: Video Safe for iPad. Password protect and stream photos AND Videos.
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Banzai Rabbit

In 2010 we introduced Banzai Rabbit which at the time was the very first 3D Platformer on the iPhone and iPad.

Only our second ever game and it's fair to say we were both ecstatic and relieved when it made it to the Top 10 in over 60 countries!

Today we're delighted to re-release this classic title with improved Retina Graphics and Game Center support. Check out the video of our reimagining of an 80's arcade classic by clicking the image to the left, or download from iTunes by clicking the link to the right.
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Frogger Decades

Turns out Konami loved Banzai Rabbit (our homage to Frogger) and when it came time to celebrate Froggers 30th Birthday they asked us to create a completely new Frogger.

Not content with making a mere sequel we took the opportunity to create an entirely new 3D adventure set in the Frogger universe that makes full use of the iPhone and iPads capabilities.

Showcased with a feature banner on iTunes and universally acclaimed by critics as the 'best Frogger ever'. (and let's face it there's been a few ;P

Check out the video trailer on the left.
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A new way to enjoy news, messages, tweets and comments; delivered to your iPhone or iPad as an animated interactive display of up-to-the-minute social news.

Instead of scouring the web or continually hitting refresh in your browser trying to keep abreast of the news, simply dock you device sit back and enjoy a veritable flood of information meant for you from your facebook, twitter, or Google reader (RSS) feeds.

New & Noteworthy on iTunes.
As featured on Gizmodo.
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